Amazing 10 Steps: How to Study Online for every DL Online Students

by - October 06, 2016

Learn how to study online

Distance learning online students cannot but accept the simple fact that studying online can be very interesting and fun, especially when you have some funny and lovely classmates that add flavour to the group discussions. But aside the group discussion, it can be very demanding and really frustrating. For you to enjoy your online course and excel you need to be equipped on how to study online. 

No doubts, studying online is very convenient and saves time; also it offers the opportunity to study anywhere (to some extent), irrespective of your geographical location. One thing you should know is that studying online, though convenient and flexible, demands a lot. Below, I shall be talking about how to study online, not just studying, anyway, but making an effective study. 

 The Amazing 10 Steps on How to Study Online


Step 1: Be Self-Motivated
It may not be a news if I tell you that studying online is no easy task. You need to have a high sense of discipline for you to meet up with the challenges of online study. So first step on how to study online is to be self-motivated. Developing motivation and discipline is crucial to surviving an online course.

You may want to know this; employees value those who pass through distance learning because of the enormous discipline and commitment online learning requires. For employers, it is a veritable skill they need in their workers and they believe that online studies have instilled that in you. So, do not see it as a burden, online course will help you to work independently and efficiently, thereby making you ripe for any work.

Step 2: Set Your Computer Right
The second step on how to study online is pretty simple and direct. Basically, what you need to access your online course are a laptop and an internet connection. You may want to get a modem with a good internet provider. It will be very daunting when you register and pay for online course only to be turned off and on by your network connection. So to be on a safer side, get the network that works better in your area.

I may be tempted to suggest this to you – act selfishly. Why? You need to have your own computer equipment, maybe you should restrict people from accessing your computer, because this may lead to some technical problem. You don’t want to see your works wiped out due to virus attack. So try to maintain some degree of 'privacy', that’s the word I’ve been looking for. 
Step 3: Create a Schedule
Learn the fundamentals and be equipped on how to study online
Try as much as possible to have a well-defined and solid routine, that is how best to study online. It can sometimes be confusing and demanding when you try to read and study everything at once. Maybe because of time. But when you draw a schedule and have a routine, it will help you to know what comes up next, what to study and which assignment to attend to. There is no natural structure and timetable to guide you in online courses, which is why discipline is very crucial. Make out time to do a work each day (if possible).  

By way of suggestion, I will recommend you to get a study planner, it will help you and guide you on how to study online. Study planners are everywhere online,but you can follow the one i already linked here. You can also search them yourself and have a first experience. Maybe you may want to suggest one for readers in the comment section.

Step 4: Don’t take too many courses
I know you probably want to be equipped with as much knowledge as possible. But wait first. Sometimes, when you want to start online learning, you will be so much motivated to the extent that you become blind to the exigencies of your family and career life. You may rush into many courses now, but when the reality will manifest, I bet you, it will be really frustrating. Remember, one of the reasons why you chose online course is because of its flexibility and convenient, taking many courses at a time may choke your schedule and I’m pretty sure you don’t want the resultant effect.

So, take the very few ones, for a start. When you understand the whole system, you can check how your schedule can fit into it and see if you can accommodate more courses.

Step 5: Check for Necessary Info
Many online learners fail in this regard. You can’t just dive into a river without checking how deep or shallow it is, same goes to online learning. There are necessary things you need to know and understand before even applying for the online course. It is important you know how your course will be accessed. Search the FAQ session on the website of the online learning provider (university or any institution). You may also want to know if they have a fixed exam periods; even their contact hours. And also, see if there is any stipulated time when students come online for discussion or information. These will help you on how to study your online course.

Step 6: Offer Your Time to it
Pretend that you’re attending traditional course lecture. Create and spend enough time to peruse through your materials. Map out a specific time of the day and study. The time of the day will depend on the time you comprehend better. If you’re someone who comprehends better at night then try and create a schedule to study at night, bearing in mind the hours you’re meant to spend on each course.

Step 7: Give Yourself Some Break
This is necessary when studying online, break! Break! Break! Such should certainly be ringing in your head. Don’t try to claim superman, it is not all that healthy for you to paste your eyes on your screen for hours. After twenty or twenty-five minutes, stand up from your sitting position and move around. Some medical experts recommend that you look at something a bit far (maybe thirty meters) for ten seconds. This will help to make your eye muscles flexible and relaxed.

You may want to get some healthy snacks while on break. Give yourself at most fifteen minutes and after that return immediately to your study. Don’t be distracted, your break is meant for you to change position and ruminate over what you’re studying.

Step 8: Balance Study with other Commitments
You should understand that you’re not only a student. There are other engagements and commitments you are into. You may have a full time or part time job, a family man or woman, name them. The ability for you to balance these necessities is very important.

Check for the number of hours you can study each week and set your study goal on it. Do not set a study goal that is unrealizable. For instance, you’re a full-time worker, and you set a goal of studying five hours daily, that is ostensibly impossible. So, as I’ve already said, consider signing for the minimum number of courses and evaluate how it fits your schedule.

Step 9: Make Connections with People in you course network
It is given that the main person you should seek information and help from is your online course provider. But there are other means of getting help which will give you a guide on how you can study online.

Endeavour to connect with fellow students and those who are already conversant with the learning environment. Tthey can help you a lot if you are good at asking for help. You can make this connection through the course online discussion board, chat rooms, fora and social media groups. Please, make sure you negotiate with your lecturer if there is any need, maybe if you may not meet up any submission deadline.

Step 10: After all said and done, celebrate your achievements
This is fun time. No work without play, right? So let’s celebrate. It is very important to reward yourself anytime you finish a particular milestone or complete a particular task. The human mind loves to be appreciated. If you finish a tasking job, it feels good when someone says, well done! But if you don’t get it (as always in the case of online learning) give it to yourself. Buy yourself some good thing, or even take yourself out.  

With this steps on how to study online, you may not really have most of the problems that distance learning online students encounter. Take time and go through it twice or more to get it registered in your subconscious. I wish you the best of your online study. Please show some care by sharing this post. What do you think about this post? Please let’s hear from you in the comment session.


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